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FEARLESS by Highbarz

2x Olympic High Jumper Jamal Wilson created the FEARLESS brand because it embodies who and what he encourages everyone to be, 'FEARLESS!' 

'STRENGTH!' is a word that has a lot of different meanings because we all have different definitions of what strength is. For some being strong is being able to snap your fingers and having everyone at your request, for some it can mean being the one that has to put food on the table for your family everyday, or it could mean just having the ability to get up out of bed everyday to face the world. No matter what meaning comes behind strength the quality of it is powerful enough to help us to become more FEARLESS!

When the logo is facing upright it is definitely a symbol that represents an F, but if you turn it sideways to the right it is a Japanese strength symbol.

A shield is an extra protection for yourself, so he enclosed the words FEARLESS in a triangular form to represent the shield and protection one has to embody. If you want to be FEARLESS you have to remain protected 🙏🏾

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